OnLine Education

Most of the time, I enjoyed going to college. Of course, I say most of the time because I was an evening student and, for six months straight, I had two evening classes and one morning class, requiring me to get up after three hours of sleep every Friday night. Having terrific instructors helped a lot; but, fortunately, I had a portable video camera too--just in case I wasn't awake enough yet.

Unfortunately, between kids, work and bills, not everyone has the time/money though to attend in-person classes. I had one classmate who drove to Greenville, SC from Hendersonville, NC three days a week, until gas costs got too high. Then, there is the simple fact that many great schools either don't have enough instructors or don't have enough students for certain courses. That's where OnLine Education comes in. Our services make it possible to reach students, regardless of their economic or geographical limitations. Likewise, being able to find your coursework online is priceless to in-person students, especially during the crunch times between final projects and final exams.