Email Newsletters

With us, it's a guarantee that consumers will see your ads; but, how can you be sure that your customers will see them? This is what email marketing is all about. An email newsletter is essentially a simplified version of your webpage, customized to reflect specific products/promotions, and sent out to the people on your mailing list. It's said that email is the primary means of communication with customers and potential customers for 9 out of 10 companies.

With the combined benefits of a terrific website, internet ads and social media, email marketing could be the key to boosting your sales.

How? Simply by allowing your customers to receive timely updates on your products/promotions--much like the grocery store and fast food ads that fill up our mail boxes. When they arrive, we look through them and buy according to who has what we're looking for, and who is offering the best deal. It's important that you be among the businesses that offer a mailing list, and that your emails secure your customers' attention. When they do, many of your customers will forward the email to their family/friends, thereby increasing your sales potential even further.

If we're doing your website or ebook, we'll mention it in a newsletter to one or more of the following lists at least once. If we're not already working with you and/or if you're interested in having your business marketed via newsletter on an ongoing basis, send a query to with your website url and/or store location, info on what you do, etc. and we'll go from there.


If you're interested in receiving newsletters, email with the name(s) of the one(s) you want to join.

* Media--any and all press releases that get sent out, whether on abuse-related issues or on new books, albums, community events, etc.

* Churches--anything related to the Church, e.g. Christian books/albums coming out, issues within the Church, relevant community events, and maybe the occasional inspirational newsletter

* Schools--most anything related to schools, e.g. school-centered books, how to improve school safety/success, possibly newsletters on curriculum issues, etc.

(In the case of media, churches, and schools, there may be separate prices for local vs. national.)

* Books--if you're part of a library, book store, book club, review circle, etc. or if you're an avid reader who wants up-to-date info on new releases. Also may include updates to author's sites.

* Music industry--if you're a singer, producer, or agent/manager for someone; responsible for purchasing in a music store; and/or if you're a fan who wants up-to-date info on new releases

* Anti-abuse--all things relating to abuse-centered books/albums, things you can do to combat abuse, info about abuse, updates to or one of my social media pages, upcoming events, etc.

* Everything--exactly what it seems. If you sign up for this one, you're going to get every newsletter we send out.