The e-book reader is quickly becoming the most popular way to read a book. For many people, it already is. It's light, easy to carry and can hold an entire shelf-worth of books at once. You can finish one book and start on the next one without carrying the extra pounds in your backpack or purse, plus you don't have to worry about dropping your bookmark. Another benefit to e-books is the ability to buy a book online and start reading it within minutes. If you buy a printed book online, you have to wait for several weeks, unless you're willing to pay more of course for overnight shipping. E-books are also considerably cheaper to purchase than printed books, simply because they don't require the ink, paper or shipping costs. Don't get me wrong--I love reading printed books, but I also appreciate the benefits of e-books and I know that you, as an author, want to sell as many of your books as possible. I know that if you could sell your books around the world, instead of just in your own county/state, you'd jump on it. Who wouldn't?

Then, there's the cost of getting your book published. Some people have thousands of dollars at any given time to spend on printing and/or marketing, or at least the ability to borrow it from someone; but, many of us don't. I've read some fantastic books from authors who can or can't afford to get them printed. Your financial status shouldn't decide your ability to get somewhere as an author.

Formatting: If you have the time and patience, I recommend http://calibre-ebook.com/. This is the software I used for my own books. It's free and relatively easy, but it's also time-consuming to go through your book, paragraph by paragraph, and make sure all the formatting is right. If you don't have the time or patience, I'll be happy to format your book for you.


Average Price: 1-100 pages = $70   |   100-200 = $95   | 200 or more = $120


Editing: I'll make suggestions on changes in general phrasing, tone, etc. if something jumps out, but I will not change anything. Editing services are limited to spelling, grammar and punctuation--very, very necessary, whether your book is being published in print or e-form. I've come across online forums where people are talking about boycotting e-books because they so often aren't edited and the spelling, grammar and punctuation are atrocious. I've read a few of them myself. Those were good books too, for the most part; but, these errors draw the reader's attention away from the storyline, decreasing their likelihood of reading any of your other books.


Average Price: 1-100 pages = $70   |   100-200 pages = $95   |   200 or more = $120

Special price for Editing and Formatting: 1-100 pages = $125   |   100-200 = $165   | 200 or more = $205


Reviews: Reviews may seem optional, but they really aren't. Consumers often decide whether or not to purchase a book by what has been said about it. If nothing at all has been said, whether or not the person buys your book will depend completely on the summary given and on the price of the book. Sometimes, your book will go unpurchased just because there are no reviews and the person doesn't want to risk buying a book they might not be head over heels in love with. You can't please everyone, but you can give your books an advantage. If I'm already editing and/or formatting your book and I like it, I'll give you a review for free. After all, how many people can read a book and not have an opinion about it?


For fiction: 1-100 pages: $35   |  100-200: $50   |   200 or more: $65

For nonfiction: 1-100: $50   |  100 or more: $75


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 Interior Design: Examples include decorative chapter headings, curly designs under the chapter headings, the first letter of each chapter being made larger, an illuminated manuscript at the start of each chapter, etc. These are not necessary in e-books; but, they do set you apart from other authors by giving your books a professional appearance and creating less work for you to do/oversee when you become a big-shot.


With a decorative chapter heading or the first letter of each chapter made larger/decorative: $50

With both: $75


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**Please do not submit books in which there are curse words on every other page, much less every other line; books that are anti-Christian in nature or which feature using God's/Christ's name as a curse word or exclamation. While the religion represented rarely plays a role in what I read, I am Christian and do not appreciate reading text that insults God, insults the Christian faith or takes God's name in vain. The sole exception is if it is a Christian book and these are being said by a non-believer or by a hurting believer. Also, please do not submit books with vulgar/explicit/obscene sex scenes. Examples: oral sex/blow jobs, descriptive orgasms, repeated use of the f-word or obscene/explicit references to body parts. As an anti-abuse advocate, there is some lee-way on scenes about sexual abuse and language used by the offender. It's impossible to aptly represent sexual abuse without graphic words/actions; but, you are still requested to abstain from vulgarity. If you have any questions about content, feel free to email me with a summary of the overall plot and the scenes in question.